Meteo Plus - by Відгуки

Really, no stars.

Previous version was better. The app does not stay active; it retreats to background with empty screen. Disabling location settings does not help. Perhaps this happens because the device is no longer in Italy. The above was for version 4.2.0. Much better now with version 4.2.1; all above squawks are fixed. Bravo!

It's the most accurate and stable.

It's the most accurate for the area i live in (in the woods behind Genoa) while stable, feature rich and with a decent GUI. Where i live, it's close enough to Genoa that most weather reports give me the Genoa weather. However, even though only a 30-40 km away, the fact that i live in a different basin, makes the weather extremely different. These data are pretty accurate for the little town i live in!


Non precisissima!!

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